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Nominate stars for ICT in Practice Awards

Four-year-olds, using a wide definition of ICT, ran at us brandishing metal detectors to discover whether we were secure enough to enter school writes Jack Kenny. Staff at Gamesley Early Excellence Centre have certainly re-defined ICT at foundation level. Understanding, playing and learning how security works in airports, as well as having fun, is just one of the rich ICT experiences enjoyed by their three and four-year-olds. Other four-year-olds in Wingate, Durham, were acting and filming a wedding. While in a Plymouth secondary , children were teaching ICT to teachers and to each other.

The message that comes through here is that in the ICT in Practice Awards, run by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency and supported by The TES, Pearson and BT, creativity is important.

You don't have to be an anorak, or an egotist, to win an award. The awards are not just for those who understand technology; previous winners have tried to change the status quo, or have used ICT to bring smiles to faces and sharpness to minds.

Added to this year's awards is a new TES category for those new to teaching. We want to see what ideas will come from the generation that has grown up with ICT? The work of classroom assistants is recognised in another new category. Last year our judges noticed that assistants are at the heart of ICT work in many schools.

Winners will get pound;2,500, together with pound;2,500 for their school.

So who should you nominate? Anyone with ideas on improving classroom performance; anyone who's doing something innovative and, above all, those who have achieved something that should be shared.


Timetable of events

July 25 Closing date for nominations

August Shortlist drawn-up

September Shortlisted candidates notified

SeptemberOctober Shortlisted candidates visited by judges

November Final judging

January 2004 Announcement of winners and presentation at BETT 2004

The categories: Advice and support; Inclusion; Innovation and Change; Leadership; Learning Assistance; New to Teaching; Teaching

The publication Showcasing Excellence in the 2003 ICT in Practice Awards (PDF) highlights examples from the shortlist. It offers advice and outlines the main characteristics of good practice. To get a printed copy, email your postal address to

Rewarding Excellence, inspiring good practice: ICT in Practice Awards 2003 (PDF) presents the winners, runners-up and finalists. Get hold of the document from

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