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Not a case of bolshie staff

I am a member of staff at the Nottinghamshire learning and skills council, where the executive director is due to leave and the deputy executive director has already left.

The executive director, the chairman of the board and senior LSC staff at national level are continuing to say that no formal complaints were made about either the deputy executive director there, or anyone else in the management, or about the culture of the organisation.

This is wrong. I made written and verbal submissions nine months ago which resulted in no action.

There was no confidence in the procedure where the person being complained about seemed so protected by the organisation.

This is not a case of bolshie staff ganging up against someone with spurious allegations.

These problems are real. The staff are looking forward to regaining the lost ground and working with a new dynamic management in which fairness, equality and transparency will be evident.

Name and address supplied.

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