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Not eligible for computer

IT may surprise your readers to know that the Government's Computers for Teachers scheme, which offers pound;200 cashback for teachers purchasing a computer, does not apply to all teachers.

I am a registered teacher (primary) but because at present I work in a nursery school I am not eligible for this scheme. If I worked in a nursery class of a

primary school, then I would be eligible. This, to me and to many others, is discrimination and should be rectified immediately.

It appears that nursery education has little value to the Scottish Executive Education Department when in fact it is he most important stage of a child's life.

We use computers in nursery, too, and a lot of my work - such as planning, monitoring, assessments - has to be done on the computer.

As I am not particularly computer literate, a home computer would have been a real benefit as I would have had much more opportunity to practise and so become more competent.

All teachers work at home for the benefit of their pupils and so all teachers should have the same benefits, and the fact I work in a separate building should not be relevant.

Margaret Grant

Cuillin Way


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