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Not failing

Headlines are never the most effective means of communicating. It is therefore unfortunate that the careers survey of 18 out of the 32 authorities by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland was leaked to TESS last week.

ADES stands by the comments quoted in last Friday's publication and will be reviewing these and other matters with the director of Careers Scotland at the earliest opportunity.

However ADES was puzzled by the headline and in particular the use of inverted commas. At no point has ADES stated that the Careers Service "is failing schools." It is unfortunate that The TES Scotland gives this impression and indeed is clearly suggesting that someone has provided this evaluation.

ADES argued against the present structure of the careers service and has not been re-assured. Nevertheless Careers Scotland staff are working very hard and it is totally false to suggest that the new service is failing schools.

Fraser Sanderson

President, Association of Directors of Education in Scotland

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