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Not in my name

Daniel Needlestone criticises the NUT for its "disproportionate blaming of Israel" and asks for a "balanced response" (Letters, TES January 16). So here is an attempt.

We recognise the suffering of Israeli children who have had their schools closed, and also that between April 2002 and February 2007, 245 Palestinian schools were attacked: 69 pupils and 10 teachers died, 718 pupils and 12 teachers were injured, while 425 pupils and 16 teachers were arrested.

The balance since the attacks on Gaza is 13 Israeli deaths against 1,325 Palestinian deaths and more than 4,000 Palestinians injured. No Israeli infrastructure has been damaged, but many medical centres, hospitals, schools, mosques, universities and homes on the Palestinian side have been destroyed.

I am sure I speak for many Jewish teachers when I say that Israel does not act in our name.

Miriam Scharf, Teacher, Newham, London.

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