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A tug of war breaks the ice between Ernest Bevin College pupils and their counterparts at Tianjin School 100 on an exchange trip to China, while Marie-France Dorcely-Libaya (left), head of modern foreign languages at the London school, tunes into a musical performance.

Disabled Year 7-11 pupils compete in the Merseyside Disability Sports Hall athletics championships, encouraged by former rugby league player Keiron Cunningham.

Two of the finalists in the Royal Institution of Great Britain's 2010 Young Scientist of the Year competition test their creations with David Porter. Mr Porter, manager of the institution's L'Oreal Young Scientist Centre, is a former physics teacher.

Olympic athlete David Moorcroft celebrates with students at Sandwell College, West Midlands, as it joins the Get Set network - a project that inspires communities to get involved in sport.

Children at Holloway Secondary School in north London borrow bikes and helmets - and get one-to-one cycle-safety training - in a bike club run by Islington Council.

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