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From classroom to small screen

MediaCore, a new online video publishing platform, lets teachers create videos and share them with pupils via mobile phone or PC, tablet and laptop computer. Videos could include revision tutorials, interactive quizzes or demonstrations. Create recordings using a standard video recorder or MediaCore's iOS app. Find out more at

Keeping assessment fresh

Make your Assessment for Learning (AfL) tasks different in every lesson with a PowerPoint from MikeGershon. The toolkit includes more than 60 AfL ideas. "Two Stars and a Wish" gets pupils to identify two things they did well and one area for improvement, while "Comment-only Marking" gives pupils feedback, not grades. bit.lyT1HVxY

Quick-fire VCOP

For starters, plenaries or quick tests in VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation), try cariad2's quick-fire activities. Each area has 20 questions. This is a handy pack to dip into. bit.lyQ6Z1tj

King Lear for kids

In the Royal Shakespeare Company's modern version of King Lear, a royal family gathers for Christmas and the father broadcasts his seasonal message. He gives up work and divides his kingdom, but this misjudged act turns the natural order upside down and the family descends into chaos. The 75-minute play will tour schools and theatres from 11 September to 1 December. For more information see

Check out the RSC's profile on TES Resources.

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