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Signing for literacy

SignSpell, a new cross-curricular teaching aid and educational resource for key stages 1 and 2, was launched at the Education Show in Birmingham last month. SignSpell uses British Sign Language to enhance children's language and communication skills.

In the picture

An award-winning website, Diddipix, is seeking to immerse children in photography. Set up by teacher and photographer Kirsten Harvey, the site encompasses all things fun and creative for photographers aged 6-16. The website is hosted by cartoon character Professor Pixel and children can showcase their best work in galleries.

Spelling is not so gr8

Promoting good spelling is an ongoing challenge. An added difficulty is that text-speak is creeping into students' work: "gr8" replaces "great" and "pizza" has morphed into "peetsa". A study from disability charity Mencap has found that two-thirds of teachers regularly find text-speak in essays.

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