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The RE Today arm of the Christian Education Movement will be running primary courses in 2003: "Teaching, learning, thinking: improving RE in KS2 and 3" in London (April 1) and Leeds (June 30); RE for 4-7s in Reading (March 20) and Nottingham (November 12); "Assessing primary RE", Birmingham (June 3); and "Developing RE:the role of the RE co-ordinator", London (July 2) and Birmingham (October 8). Secondary courses include: "Assessing RE:the answers", Manchester (March 4), Leicester (May 6), London (November 20); "GCSE RS: raising standards", London (June 26); "Being an effective subject leader: RE", Birmingham (October 7); "Expert secondary RE", London (June 5). Fee: pound;125, pound;100 subscribers per day course; pound;50, pound;45 subscribers per half-day course. RE Today Services, 1020 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6LB.

Tel: 0121 472 4242


Training provider, Philip Allen Updates, is running a conferences on religious studies for AS students at Manchester University (December 3). Speakers include: Dr David Cook, director of the Whitefield Institute, Oxford University, author and broadcaster. Topics include: arguments for the existence of God; utilitarianism and Kant's ethical theory; miracles; the ethics of abortion, euthanasia and war and peace; examination tips and techniques. Fee: pound;13 per person (group booking); pound;20 individuals. One free teacher place per 12 students. Teacher workshops on teaching philosophy and ethics effectively will be held for AS RS teachers in Bristol (January 20) and London (January 30), and for A2 RS teachers in Bristol (February 4), and London (February 12). Also available is "OCR ASA2 RS: teaching philosophy of religion and religious ethics" in London (February 10), and Manchester (February 12); plus "GCSE RS: world religions, moral and social issues and philosophy and ethics" in Manchester (May 14) and London (May 16). Fee: pound;169; pound;185 (London venues).

Tel: 01869 338652

Training provider, Stands for Education, is running a course on creating "Theatres of Learning" in RE, which will explore innovative teaching techniques for AT1 and AT2 which develop spirituality, motivate students and improve success. Venues: Birmingham (December 6), and London (December 13). It is also offering a course on improving the quality of learning in RE at KS3 and 4. Venues: London (March 5 or April 7), Manchester (March 28) and Birmingham (April 3). Fee: pound;195 + VAT per course.

Tel: 0117 983

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