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Conferences and courses

ICT supplier RM is running primary Making It Happen and secondary Teaching and Learning conferences in Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol, London and Birmingham, February 28-March 28. They will focus on how ICT can support implementation of initiatives such as Every Child Matters, Personalised Learning and Building Schools for the Future.


Seminars at the annual Education Show at NEC Birmingham, March 9-11, include: Mick Thomas, Becta, on assistive technology; John Galloway, Tower Hamlets, on using creativity to address social, emotional and behavioural difficulties; and Jenny Cage of Cambridge University on using interactive whiteboards effectively in maths.

Free registration, tel: 0870 429 4580Seminar information, tel: 020 7874 0337

"Learning technologies - overcoming the digital divide" is the theme of the e-Learning Foundation's spring conference in Bristol, April 26-27.

Tel: 01372 824372


New Zealanders Warren Patterson and Gordon Dryden, co-authors on The Learning Revolution and the Digital Classroom, are leading a series of conferences hosted by Futures Learning International and Marriott Hotels, June 6-30, in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Huntingdon, Bristol, Swansea, Waltham Abbey and Bexleyheath.

Tel: 01604 696966


The National Space Centre will be running free training courses across the UK this year on the e-Mission: Operation Montserrat simulation, which recreates the events of September 4, 1996. Secondary students form an emergency response team tracking the approaching hurricane, monitoring an erupting volcano and moving all residents to safety. A second programme, e-Mission: Ice Moon, is also being developed. To host an event contact education officer Tim Boundy.

Tel: 0116 258 2113

Email: (students)


"Emission impossible: can technology save the Planet?" is the free Faraday lecture for ages 14-16 organised by the Institute of Electrical Engineering, touring venues including Belfast and Harrogate. It will explore supercomputer modelling, technologies designed to lessen our environmental impact and current technologies such as solar, wind, tidal and nuclear power.

Tel: 01438 767302 www.iee.orgeventslectrsfaraday2006

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