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* Two-way radio - essential kit for soldiers and policemen, but teachers? It may sound far-fetched, but consider the growing number of crisis situations in schools and it begins to look more like a practical and inexpensive way of keeping in touch. Motorola, in association with Tandy First, is offering schools its new Handie-Com radio system with a 10 per cent discount off the start price of pound;169 plus VAT, with a three-year licence costing pound;30.

This two-way radio system can be used to receive and transmit messages; any number of users can have a handset, and communication is made at the touch of a button. Details: 01922 434047.

* The thorny issue of old school buildings continues to excite those who have to work in them and those who have to pay for their upkeep. But what about a nice new one? Building construction company Terrapin is holding a Building for Education seminar at Queen Elizabeth School for Boys, Barnet, north London, on July 1. The programme will cover different aspects of building projects from pre-engineered buildings to multi-storey, tutorial structures, with advice on financial options including purchase, hire or lease. Contact Avril Pearce, tel: 01908 270900.

* It may be a jungle out there, but just when you think you've got somewhere really wild, there's a socking great fence in the way. To remedy this, mountaineer Chris Bonington is lending his weight to a campaign by the Council for National Parks to go "Wild by Design". It is a project to re-establish genuine wilderness areas within the National Parks. A booklet describing how this will be achieved and why it's necessary costs pound;6.50, with a more detailed report costing pound;10, both from the CNP, 246 Lavender HIll, London SW11 1LJ. Tel: 0171 924 4077.

* How often have you heard or been urged "keep your eye on the ball". It makes sense if you are trying to hit, kick or snatch one from someone else, but what happens if it is your eye rather than your own incompetence that prevents this from happening? South London optometrists Wheeler and Kirk run a sports vision clinic for teams or individuals. These are designed to test and train the visual skills necessary for all sporting and day-to-day activities and include, among other things, tracking and pursuit, and visual concentration. Details: 0181 874 5511 or 0181 870 9706.

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