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NQT buzz from the TES forums

Not everybody in our NQT forum has started their induction year yet: many are doing supply while they look for a permanent role.

- Hmwarwick, a 48-year-old NQT, has completed his graduate teacher programme course, and has been applying for jobs since Easter but still hasn't had an interview ( Understandably, he is worried and asks: "Do I have to do an induction year or can I just carry on doing supply forever and hope that someone takes me on permanently?" The message inspired other more mature NQTs to pitch in.

- Rvelvet struggled, but managed to find a job eventually: "I got my NQT post aged 40 after 10 applications and five interviews." Maths_Caz, 43, fared better. She got a job three months before the end of her PGCE but thinks that may be because she teaches a shortage subject.

- The age debate sparked further discussions about the four-term rule for NQTs doing supply teaching. This limits the number of non-induction teaching days an NQT can do in a state school. Find more details at

- The issue has raised the hackles of our NQTs and led to Julie Burrell setting up a petition on the Number 10 website asking for support for her proposal to abolish the 16-month limit for non-inductible supply teaching. Visit

- Lillipad doesn't think a petition is the answer. She says: "The supply limit is there to make sure that children are receiving quality teaching, and being taught by someone who hasn't got their NQT year doesn't guarantee that."

- Mfacchinei takes the opposite view: "The whole NQT induction year should be abolished as well. NQTs have a degree plus QTS through PGCE or another teaching route and they are specialist in their subject. Surely they ensure more quality of teaching than cover supervisors?"

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