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NQT buzz from the TES forums

We know New Year resolutions are made to be broken, but NQT forum users are pulling together to help us all stick to our promises. Here are the top five for 2010:

RESOLUTION 1: "I will tackle behaviour problems." Flissusher has been struggling with a tricky Year 8 class for months. "They are constantly cussing each other, having fights and throwing things across the room - anything to avoid getting on with their work." She is at her wits' end and is looking for advice to calm the class down. Lillipad leaps to the rescue with the advice: "Get a clipboard and tell the kids you will be noting down any names of children who misbehave and they will get detention."

RESOLUTION 2: "I will sort out my paperwork." It is time to get your induction paperwork in order. Make sure you are collecting the right documents and reports by reading our expert James Williams' advice at

RESOLUTION 3: "I will make more effort to get on with my teaching assistant." Remember it is a team effort and a little understanding is needed on both sides. For a few tips, read this thread where there is banter between some experienced TAs and an NQT who thinks her TA is undermining her.

RESOLUTION 4: "I will find the perfect job." If you're looking to move, you should start the job seeking process in January. Retired head TheoGriff gives excellent advice in our jobseeking forum on how to get shortlisted and how to perform well at interviews.

RESOLUTION 5: "I will plan my lessons well in advance." Fast-track your lesson planning with the help of the 40,000-plus resources stored in TES Resources. Don't forget to check out the Resources by date feature - a boon if you've been landed with an unexpected assembly to organise at the last minute.

For advice on all aspects of your induction year from teacher trainer James Williams go to

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