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NQT buzz from the TES forums

Those tricky few pupils are causing problems for our NQTs. The story is a familiar one on our forums; most of the class is fine but there are a couple of badly behaved pupils who cause havoc.

Nicca80 was suffering ( The head told her that she has to tackle the behaviour problem, but she has tried different classroom management strategies and is at a loss as to how to move on.

Impulce has an interesting suggestion: "Ask the head if you could observe her teaching the class so you can see how she manages behaviour." However, Poppy_Red thinks she should get more support from her NQT mentor.

We have followed Nicca80's progress through the forums and things are looking up. The problem child was taken out of her lessons for a week and the class improved. Nicca also brought in more behaviour management strategies and they are working. "In hindsight, the head's warning gave me a huge kick and made me realise I could either fight the problems with all my enthusiasm or lose my job," Nicc^a80 says.

The four-term rule is causing some confusion. Jubilee gives a straightforward answer at "NQTs can only work as a supply teacher for 16 months from the date when they do their first non-induction teaching after officially getting QTS."

Jubilee also offers advice on the same topic to emmray, who graduated in July 2007 but is having trouble fulfilling her induction because she has worked in supply or been on temporary contracts. Jubilee is keen for the four-term rule to be revisited: "The teaching unions should be demanding the abolition of the four-term rule. It is unfair that classes can be taken by cover supervisors without any time limit and yet some classes can't be taught by a qualified teacher who happens to have used up the four-term allowance and has not yet completed induction." (

Teacher trainer James Williams is online to answer your induction questions at

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