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By the numbers

Levels of homophobic bullying have fallen in the past five years, but more than half of young gay people still report experiencing abuse, research published last week revealed.

According to campaign group Stonewall, more than half of gay and bisexual pupils suffer homophobic bullying and use of homophobic language such as "that's so gay" is widespread.

The findings come from a survey of more than 1,600 young gay people and have led to calls for those working in education - from the government to individual schools - to take a robust stand against homophobic bullying.

A previous Stonewall survey in 2007 found that two-thirds of gay people had experienced homophobic bullying and that only a quarter of schools said such bullying was wrong.

In response, Stonewall has produced resources to help teachers tackle such bullying. Now half of schools say that homophobic bullying is wrong.

But the survey found that two in five gay pupils who had been bullied had considered taking their own lives. Three in five said it had a direct impact on their schoolwork.

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