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By the numbers - ICT Spending

School technology budgets in the UK are increasing as heads invest more money in laptops and tablet computers, a survey from the British Educational Suppliers Association has found.

The survey of 766 primaries and 551 secondaries found that schools are earmarking more money for technology this year, with a 2.1 per cent rise overall. The change comes after four years of declining budgets.

ICT spending in the current financial year is predicted to be #163;12,720 on average in primaries and #163;57,580 in secondaries, with a further rise expected in 2013-14.

But while cash is being found for equipment, there are worries about jobs. A recent survey from the NASUWT teaching union revealed that just over half the teachers questioned feared job cuts owing to a change in the curriculum from ICT to computer science, which focuses on how computers work rather than how to use them.

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