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By the numbers - Social attitudes

Researchers at the National Centre for Social Research have looked into the impact of being privately educated on people's political attitudes and values.

In the 28th report of British Social Attitudes researchers found that those who had attended private education were almost twice as likely to describe themselves as middle class than a state-educated person with a similar background and income.

The researchers found that schooling also had some impact on attitudes about social equality: 59 per cent of state-educated people agreed with the statement "there is one law for the rich and one for the poor" compared to 48 per cent of privately educated people with similar circumstances. Privately educated people are less likely to back the death penalty. Politically, they are more likely to support the Conservative party than Labour.

But researchers also found that going to university seemed to reduce some of these differences.

Proportion of privately educated with professionalmanagerial fathers compared with 14% of state educated - 34%

Proportion of privately educated who have a professional or managerial job compared with 29% of state educated - 55%

Proportion of privately educated with children who sent them to private schools compared to 9% of state educated - 43%.

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