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Nurseries have teachers too

The opening words of your article on the General Teaching Council are "Nursery teachers, college lecturers I could be required to register with the GTC of England" (TES, April 2).

I would like to point out that nursery teachers already have to register with the GTC. I presume you meant nursery nurses, or unqualified teachers in nurseries.

As the headteacher of a nursery school my teaching staff get very tired of having to remind people in education (who should know better) that they are qualified teachers, just like any other teachers, who just happen to work in nurseries. They are not practitioners, nursery workers or any of the other generic terms for people who work with children five years old and under.

My teachers and nursery nurses are proud of the qualifications and expertise they have and they would like their professionalism and their professional titles recognised.

Chris Woodrow 38 Langdale Road Woodley Stockport

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