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Nursery nurses need our support

As a recently qualified teacher now working in nursery, I am writing in support of the nursery nurses' claim for better pay and contracts.

Every school owes a debt to the work of nursery nurses in guiding children through play towards the confidence and self-esteem which is essential to their ability to learn in school and throughout life. We all know that the lack of a good nursery education can create problems further down the line.

If nursery nurses' morale goes down or they leave due to low pay, we will all be worse off. As teachers, we can express our support for the nursery nurses, who are still struggling for reasonable pay and conditions, by writing to our local councils, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and the Scottish Executive.

Teachers in Scotland had a national agreement on pay and conditions a few years ago. Why not the nursery nurses?

Deirdre Armstrong

Nile Grove, Edinburgh

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