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Nuts about nits;Diary

LINDA McDougall, that scourge of Grimsby schools, isn't the only one in Left circles prepared to speak out about education. The spouse of Labour MP Austin Mitchell has been joined by Kathy Lette, sparky author and wife of New Labour lawyer Geoffrey Robertson and occasional dining companion of the Blairs.

In a fantastic performance in the Daily Telegraph, Kathy shakes her head to display the nits she caught from her five-year-old daughter, and reveals her doubts about sending Georgia and her brother Julius, 8, to the local primary in that most deprived of areas, West Hampstead.

"The down side is they are learning metric - from drug dealers. Ha ha! And my little boy doesn't walk any more, he does that pimp roll thing. I don't know what we will do in the future. Do kids get nits at public school?" We're sure they do, Kathy. Not to mention lessons in asphyxiation and a steady supply of class A drugs if the school is good enough.

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