Oddly enough - Balls and Bryn: are they related?

One is a majestic opera singer with a gentle Welsh lilt and legions of female fans. The other is a hard-nosed politician who claims to know all the words to High School Musical.

Despite their obvious differences, it has come to the attention of The TES that hunky baritone Bryn Terfel is the spitting image of Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary.

It's something about the chin and eyes, we think. And perhaps the side parting. But that's where the similarity ends.

The resemblance first came to light after both did interviews on Andrew Marr's Sunday morning show in recent weeks.

Ed looked slightly manic and wild-eyed as he deflected questions about the leadership of the Labour party and hinted at an end to testing as we know it.

The following week, immense Bryn glowed with Welsh warmth and dwarfed Mr Marr to the size of a skinny schoolboy.

Are Balls and Bryn related? The TES thinks we should be told.

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