Oddly enough - Carping caretakers

A new sitcom hopes to join the pantheon of greats that have graced British TV screens: Fawlty Towers, The Office, Please Sir!

This one is called Caretakers and is being penned by someone called Payne Ceri. Or is it Ceri Payne? Either way, she wants to know the "goings on among the teaching staff", "pranks by kids" and "the sort of things that kids and teachers always do to annoy the caretaker".

This request was posted on a caretakers' website - yes, such a thing exists - and was clearly manna from heaven for some.

How about this from one wily caretaker? "Leave out-of-date food in the staffroom fridge over the summer holidays, then watch the 'clever ones' using it as if it was put there yesterday."

Another told of how he'd been called to a classroom because a video was broken, only to find the tape just needed rewinding. "Teachers may have a degree, but they need a year at the university of life, and they were not at the front of the queue when common sense was dished out," he said.

Teachers might like to know this poster called himself "planc".

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