Oddly Enough - Curious caricatures and cute cats

A curious insight into the psyche of Britain's teachers was offered last week when The TES's new website, TES Connect, was launched.

The website allows users to upload a photograph of themselves or, if they would rather remain anonymous, an image representing their avatar, or online persona. So, how do teachers perceive themselves?

Many opted for classic - some might even say cliched - pictures of teachers. Among the first images to appear on the site were black and white photographs showing the teacher stars of Goodbye, Mr Chips and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

Famous cartoon teachers were the next to appear, including Teacher, the cane-wielding figure in charge of class 2B from The Bash Street Kids, and Miss Wormwood, the teacher from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.

More original avatars included the one for "Whacko", who expressed anger at the General Teaching Council by creating an image of a gravestone marked GTC. Other posters simply opted for images suggested by their names: take a bow Evilgiraffe, lardylegs, and - the most disturbing of all - sexysheep.

But the most popular choice? Photographs of cute cats.


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