Oddly enough - Darts champs hit the mark in maths

Tes Editorial

After suffering - or, indeed, enjoying - hours of TV coverage of the British Darts Organisation world championships at Lakeside, we no longer need to ponder whether or not this is an activity worthy of being called a sport.

In view of the ever-expanding waistbands of the nation's children, the larger-than-life stars of the game may not be the most suitable role models. The question is: should darts be taught in maths?

Some educators believe that watching the likes of Andy "the Viking" Fordham and Phil "the Power" Taylor can help pupils to develop their ability in mental arithmetic.

The Get On Campaign last week sent TV's Johnny Ball to join further education minister Sion Simon at Lakeside.

They were welcomed by the darts fraternity, and legendary player-turned commentator Bobby George drove the point home.

"The game of darts is 33 per cent maths," he said. "If you cannot count, you cannot win."

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Tes Editorial

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