Oddly enough - Hard words on spelling

The decision by a Gloucestershire primary school to stop testing pupils regularly on spelling seemed eminently sensible. Whitminster Primary said it would continue teaching spelling, but that the tests had become unnecessary exercises in rote learning.

But the move led to protests from adults across the UK, who vented their fury on newspapers' and television channels' web forums. Here are some of our favourite comments on the matter:

Leonie: "Isn't that how you learn to spell, by remembering how to spell the word?!! They will be canceling GCSEs and A-levels next . ".

Jane Foster: "No wonder kids are stabing ids all over the UK . look at whats wrong with this gereneration - they are spoon fed by idiot teachers like those in the school above. It teachers like these that are wrecking traditional learning approach."

Saabastra: "I did spelling tests at my school 36 years ago. We also had porper punishments."

Dionne: "Imagine the state of British literature if Bronte or Shakespeare had not know how to spell."

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