Oddly enough - Mick goes down a storm

Teachers and musos will be glad to hear Mick Brookes, the rocking general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, is making a comeback.

It seems the bass guitarist of The Rockets played his return gig on a farm in Cornwall this August.

Some 200 wellie-clad Cornish types came to watch the band play in a marquee on a moor above St Ives. The rubber boots were a good move as the wind and rain swept in and quickly flooded the tent.

"It was quite worrying at first," said Mr Brookes, "but after a while people got into it, pulled off their boots and were splashing around in their bare feet."

Thankfully, the dad-rocker's hols were not totally marred by British weather. He spent another week in Greece to get "frazzled", whatever that means.

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