Oddly enough - This price is anything but uniform

At pound;2,500, it is billed as the world's most expensive school blazer.

Thomas Mahon, a Savile Row tailor, has responded to the pound;4 Asda uniform with a blazer that is a cut above. Suit you, sir? Maybe not, when most parents have less money this year.

An Eton blazer ranges from pound;100 to pound;145 at the college's Tom Brown Tailors, and its famous tailcoat costs, at most, pound;130. The uniform and long blue coats of Christ's Hospital school in Horsham, West Sussex are provided free to all pupils.

But Mr Mahon insists he is not stitching parents up. "You get what you pay for," he has said.

So, what do you get for pound;2,500? The marketing bumf says the blazer has unique buttons, hand-stitched edges and a fine silk lining. Just as Jamie Oliver fought against school dinners, Mr Mahon is fighting cheap uniforms . blah blah.

In an acknowledgment that most parents will be unable to afford the blazer, a Cheshire school uniform firm will sell an off-the-peg version for between pound;30 and pound;100.

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