Oddly enough - Too much of a good thing

Weirdest reason for sacking a teacher? Because she was so good at her job it embarrassed colleagues.

Education authorities in Bavaria, southern Germany, have forced a primary teacher out of her job after her pupils performed vastly better than others in the school, leading to complaints from her colleagues that she made their pupils look bad.

Teachers at the school were initially very impressed with her teaching skills, but soon children in other classes were being "disturbed" by their fellow pupils' better performance in reading, maths and foreign languages.

They said the other youngsters were upset and believed they were either stupid or were being badly taught. The children had complained to their teachers and told their parents.

The teacher - who has been named only as Sabine C - was forced to transfer to another school.

A letter from local education officials told her: "The peace and good atmosphere at the school has been significantly disturbed. This is why you are being moved."

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