Oddly enough - Why not teach like teens?

How will lessons change when schools are forced by law to consult pupils on how they are taught?

Teachers visiting the TES online staffroom have suggested they may end up teaching like teenagers.

"I'm going to wear my MP3 player in lessons because I teach better with it in," wrote Toe-Knee Heart. "I also teach better if my friend is allowed to sit with me and I face away from the class while chewing. I'm also going to go in their bags whenever I need a pen."

JA Prufrock said he would swing on the back legs of his chair "cos it's comfier - so I must be able to teach better like that".

Dr Watson said: "I don't have to mark books, my mum said I don't have to do homework, and I don't have to stay for meetings because my mum said I don't have to do detentions." It's going to be ace.

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