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OFSTED has to report on racism

I WAS encouraged to read (TES, July 21) that the Commission for Racial Equality has undertaken research into the way the Office for Standards in Education inspects for race equality in schools.

It was OFSTED that told us in 1996 of the continuing scandal of ethnic minority underachievement. Sad then, that in 2000 its inspection reports seems to fail to report reliably on this area.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturrs agrees with the commission, that OFSTED's framework provides inspectors with ample opportunity to scrutinise race equality outcomes. We will now encourage our members to bring both racial equality problems and successes to the attention of inspectors.

Failure here is simply not an option.

Peter Smith

General secretary

Association of Teachers and Lecturers 7 Northumberland Street

London WC2N

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