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Oh what a lot of Balls

WE HAVE resisted till now the temptation to make puns on the name of the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. Ed Balls should not have to put up with lewd playground humour.

But now we have found an excuse. First, he played in the Labour vs Press football game at the Labour conference in Bournemouth. Despite kicking off with two Balls on the field, the MPs lost 3-1. Then Balls and fellow minister Ed Miliband topped the scoring on the Nintendo Wii bowling alley on the Association of Teachers and Lecturers stand at the conference. It seems his was a ballsy performance, showing mastery of virtual balls control. OK, we'll stop now.

The ATL offered the diversion on its exhibition stand as part of a campaign to highlight the importance of teaching physical skills in the curriculum. The union had previously taken the interactive stand to the Lib Dems conference. There Charles Kennedy, party leader, showed he had a steady hand while MP Lembit Opik also had a cheeky go.

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