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OK, Lara Croft isn't opening her own Academy just yet

OK, Lara Croft isn't opening her own Academy just yet. Our cover is journalistic licence. But Douglas Blane's trawl of computer games research (p 20-21), and the insights he gains from games guru Chris van der Kuyl (the son of Scots educationist Tony) hint at what could be learned.

Some expect research to provide quick answers, but it's still early days.

What's needed now is resilience to adapt to new ways of working. Take weblogs, for instance. Entering the English language as "blogging" (p14), they are a simple but powerful tool that students and teachers can use to publish on the web. We also look at research into the use of handheld computers in Africa (p17), which shows educational practice overcoming infrastructure issues in places where electricity is still not taken for granted.

Flexibility allows schools to forge links with organisations like Businessdynamics (p10) and get students designing their own ebusinesses. In Leeds students are even broadcasting their own radio shows on the net (p19).

So bear all this in mind when they bolt that interactive whiteboard to your classroom wall (p4). And keep an eye out for Ms Croft, your new classroom assistant!

Apologies for the absence of our Spam column. Arnold Evans returns on January 2.

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