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Olympics day

To prepare for the Olympic Games we held a Greek day as part of the Year 4 topic Ancient Greece. The children arrived in costume and responded to their names at register in Greek.

They were split into four groups: Athenians, Spartans, Corinthians and Argives. Each city state was given a pledge to learn by heart. These were: "We are the Athenian scholars, trained and educated, we will win fairly and nobly." "We are the Spartan warriors, proud and fierce, we pledge to win." "We are the Corinthian traders, practical and successful, we will solve any problems." "We are the Argive musicians, trained for peace and war, we will convince you."

Four children were chosen as the welcoming committee and they also judged the events. In the centre of the hall was a table representing the Olympic torch and during the opening ceremony each city state marched around this, chanting their pledge and cheering. There were three events: "boxing", which involved memorising 15 objects in a box; "throwing", where children had to hit targets and "Olympic tongue twisters", where rhymes were recited. Points were awarded to each competitor. All ideas came from

Sarah Webb

Year 4 manager, Ringwood Junior School, Hampshire

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