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Once more for the Bucks' fizz

SUCH fun was had at Buckingham Palace two weeks ago, that the Diary was compelled to return to the subject with news that the delightful bash held for our loveliest teachers may not have been the last.

Prince Charles, Chris Woodhead's close chum, held another of his regular receptions for teachers at Highgrove last week. Now it seems Lord Puttnam, when not encouraging young people to become entrepreneurs instead of teachers (as we revealed last week), has found a new role as spokesman forHer Majesty.

He says the Buck House reception could become an annual event. A smaller do is likely, for those lucky teachers nominated for a Pluto - er, Plato (that's a Teacher's Oscar to you and me).

Liz apparently feels she hasn't done enough for education over the years and is "determined to get more involved", he told last weekend's National Governors' Council conference. Bless her. She could start by persuading her sons to send their kids to their local comprehensive.

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