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One and one makes nul points

I HAVE been a school governor for more than 17 years, but I have never before experienced the difficulties that are being faced by our governing body this year, in our attempts to produce a balanced budget.

We have, like many Lewisham schools, a very stable and experienced staff, and we are pleased to pay for their years of experience. The school has just completed a successful Office for Standards in Education inspection and we have been notified of our second Schools Achievement Award.

Yet we will not be reappointing special needs staff when they leave, we are slashing our supply teacher budget, and are trying to make a convincing case to our local education authority for the much-needed devolved capital budget to be used to pay the bills. We will be explaining the situation to parents and asking them to sign a petition to Charles Clarke.

Are we ever going to get an admission from the Department for Education and Skills that someone has just not done their sums properly?

Ken Hulbert

Chair of governors Stillness junior school Lewisham, London SE13

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