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The one and only example of hype

It is encouraging to see, though, that not all PRs are resorting to metaphors. Good old-fashioned bad English and exaggeration are still in use. Hence the news that a new training hotel, to be built in London, "will be completely unique," according to the blurb.

This news comes via Catalysis PR. (Incidentally, the Catalysis website explains that "we develop bespoke brand valuation dashboards".) The press release about the hotel says it is to be opened by Edge, a training outfit - once a site in London has been found.

The complete uniqueness of the Edge hotel was certainly news to the students who work at Trinity House in the Lake District.

You see, Trinity House is a training hotel, whose website describes it as "the only one of its kind in the UK" - and, of course it has the added advantage of already being in business. More "completely unique" than its southern rival.

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