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One mother's' nightmare'

LYN Hepworth was not surprised when she received a call from her son's secondary school asking her to take him home.

Eleven-year-old Tony Spencer had been in trouble regularly, jumping on tables, running out of lessons, and threatening teachers and other children.

Three months later, despite still being on the roll at Buttershaw high in Bradford, Tony has not been back to the West Yorkshire school.

A short but ultimately ill-fated attempt to get Tony to fit in at a local special school followed and it was only two weeks ago that Ms Hepworth finally managed to secure five hours per week home tuition for her son.

She said: "It has been a complete nightmare. I know he has problems and he has probably brought it on himself but I do not feel I have had the help I should have had getting him back into school."

Headteacher John Midgely denied that Tony had beenunofficially excluded. He said that following a temporary exclusion, every effort had been made to find him alternative provision.

"We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school, but it would be far too dangerous for staff and other pupils to have him back," he said.

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