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"So it appears the cuts aren't coming... but it won't stop all those comments about how terrible it is to be a teacher."


"I shall be sparing a thought for those oppressed teachers as they grind out their excuses for jobs in penury, their budgets only increasing by #163;4 billion over the review period, probably only receiving pay increases of two grand as they move up the pay spine automatically as their just reward for still, erm, turning up."


"Shut up and have a look at the cuts in FE. And, as many others have pointed out, while (the Chancellor) may well have claimed that there will be increases in the schools budget, the local councils are being hammered and that will have a knock-on effect."


"A 0.1 per cent increase? It's easily negated by the rising demographics. Read: pay freezes, bigger class sizes."


"How good would it be if George Osborne says: 'The only cuts I'm going to make... are INTO THIS BIG CAKE! Have a slice, everyone!'


"Brian Kelly predicts the impact of the CSR cuts on IT learning. Will social media become mainstream to save money?"


"#163;9.3bn protected for Olympics. How much good could have been done with that money?"


"Cuts to EMA? Mates and I needed it to bus to 6th form. Could've gone somewhere nearer and worse, but what about free choice?"

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