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Readers respond to articles on the Tess website

Readers respond to articles on the Tess website

- Neill MacKinnon is right (18 Feb). The word "excellence" conjures up a model few will ever aspire to. To excel at something is more realistic, whether it's maths or a piece of artwork. The pressure is removed and the pleasure may be allowed. Soundbites such as Curriculum for Excellence are simply that - lacking substance, pandering to voters. Education should be holistic and needs to be reconsidered in our new age of instant information and data overload. Keep politics out of education and allow schools to do what they do best.

Morag Foster

- I was interested to read John H McKendrick's view of funding constraint as a positive driver for one of the aims of CfE; a collective responsibility for delivering personalisation and choice across the senior phase (18 Feb). It makes a welcome change to the often-heard mantra "we cannae dae it cause there's nae money". We weren't doing it when there was money. I hope his report to the Scottish Government [Poverty in Scotland 2011] has some impact.


- I am furious at being misquoted in your article on Norwegian kindergartens (25 Feb). I have no concerns about a lack of formal teaching of reading and writing in nurseries, especially not Norway; this view goes against all I believe in. What I said was that it was one of the main differences we saw, and that we had a lot to learn from the Norwegian system, in which children get to be children and learn from the natural resources around them.

Wendy Anderson, P1 teacher, Milltimber School.

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