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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

- As a worker at Crew (2000), a charity specialising in information and advice on psychoactive substances, I was impressed with Emma Seith's News Focus on legal highs (TESS, 4 March). We have been charting the rise in research of chemical use among young people for several years and would certainly second the call for drugs information sessions for young people focusing on these substances.

The key factor in all the mephedrone-related deaths cited is that the drug had been used in combination with other substances. This detail is vitally important to communicate to young people - "if you are using these substances you should not use them in combination with other substances - including alcohol".

We have bult up a considerable bank of knowledge in effective engagement with young people around these substances and are very happy to share it with others. We offer specialist training for teachers and other professionals working with young people, aimed at helping them facilitate effective drugs information discussions and training sessions.

Further details about these training sessions and detailed information on mephedrone and other research chemicals is available on our website


- In the face of an attack on pay and conditions in the teaching profession, GPs are going for a 25 per cent pay increase. Apparently they can't get by on a mere pound;80,000 a year. This is unashamed greed. If it wasn't for teachers they would not have got a foot in the door of their so-called profession.


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