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Readers' comments from the TESS website

Readers' comments from the TESS website

Former head in tribunal victory (15 July)

Congratulations to Mrs Ross for winning her case for unfair dismissal. Linda Ross unanimously won her employment tribunal case against Dundee City Council. Vital questions must surely be asked as to why this teacher was struck off by the General Teaching Council for Scotland. This led to a catastrophic failure on their part; not only have they let this teacher down, they have also let the whole system down. The GTCS didn't even have the good grace to wait until this teacher's employment tribunal had ended. They carried on against their better judgment and couldn't wait to publicly announce the decision to strike her off and make the headlines. Their tactics are questionable in the light of an employment tribunal taking place. Is it power gone mad or just plain crazy?


Classroom secrets (BBC1, 14 July)

Might as well get in early with this one. Cameras in a classroom, what a great idea. Of course having a camera crew and production team in the class will have absolutely no effect on how the pupils interact with each other. However, it was a good idea to show up that there is a huge gap between what actually happens in a classroom and the parents' perceptions.


They used cameras fixed to the walls, there was no camera crew in the classroom. It was an interesting one to watch. I think that the teacher in question was very brave to do such a thing, not sure it was the wisest move in the world .

thecurious orange.

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