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Readers' comments from the TESS website

Readers' comments from the TESS website

- RIP Mr Comfort (5 August)

Have just read this week's TESS obituary and been moved to tears. Alford Academy have certainly lost a real asset. Condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and pupils. In the words of Billy Joel, "only the good die young".


- It's time the exam appeals system was sent for review (5 August)

If the SQA is interested in assisting pupilsschools once the appeal system goes, they should change their expectation for exceptional circumstances appeals. At present an appeal for knowledge and understanding can only be made successfully using a prelim that covers the entire course. This means schools now have to use prelims that are sat at the end of the course, for appeals. That makes them only really useful for appeals and not for preparing pupils for exams. The SQA should revert to the practice of allowing the use of prelims sat at a sensible time part- way through the course that cover appropriate work. Otherwise, they will produce a system that fails to support pupils who take ill at exam times and all that will change is the SQA's costs, with pupils paying the price.


- A life on the ocean waves (5 August)

Great article, only spoiled by me anticipating the compulsory link to CfE . no slight intended on Norman or the BRC!


- RE group attacks Ebac shut-out (5 August)

Religion is not up for discussion . So it is a hot potato, then, like politics. It always has been and always will be. In the United Kingdom, which is a Christian country, it certainly should be up for discussion.


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