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You can't hurry competence cases, GTCS told (9 September)

- These (proposals) actually sound reasonable. In particular the new first phase will both prevent distress to the teacher wrongly accused and save public money.


Four out of 10 college students fall short of aims (9 September)

- One reason for drop-out rates could be the sort of experience my son had on an HND course - it was new, poorly organised, had no tutor for months in more than one unit, had poor student support, lack of IT due to double- bookinglack of class space and tutors who did not have relevant experience. The tutor's hours were cut halfway through, just as students were trying to fill in Ucas forms. Then it was discovered the "arrangement" the college had with a local university was defunct, as the college had not taught some parts of this access course.


Mark my words: close reading really is a rubbish instrument of assessment (9 September)

- Finally, the truth! For too long have we buckled under the weight of discussing what the comma in line 14 does and jumped through hoops by answering imagery questions by denotation and connotation. Close reading of texts has become banal and mechanistic and lost all relevance. When will we see a change that challenges and interests pupils and does not bludgeon them with trivial questions of tiny merit?

g m

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