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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

McCormac denies review was driven by cost (30 September)

- On one of the most controversial proposals - bringing experts into the classroom without a teacher present, "Mrs Boyd stressed this should not happen in an 'ad hoc fashion'. Teachers would be responsible for detailed planning of when and why experts were used". Strange in the light of Renfrewshire teachers' and parents' rebuttal of job losses due to this move, that a fellow professional should be not only advocating this idea but then asking teachers to be responsible for them. Either they are qualified enough to progress the intellectual capacities of our children or they are not.


It may get binned but I back the chartered teacher scheme (30 September)

- An outstanding article. (By Gordon Kirk)


Data is crucial to improvement, academic says (30 September)

- Excellent article (by Julia Belgutay) that lays out exactly what is needed for progress. Hope Scotland introduces, funds and supports this methodology instead of the codified cryptographic reports we waste months on.


Can the path of pupils' progress stay on track? (16 September)

- Grange's "new" model appears to be proper marking including a next step. This was covered at teacher training college 10 years ago. Why do I get the feeling that nothing has changed? Sorry - some schools and teachers are starting to put good practice into place. Sadly it is just some. Most schools will stay with the "we've always done it model".


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