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Aiming high but with no idea how to get there (28 October)

Unfortunately under present short-sighted government policies, these children will be forced into menial tasks for little pay, where their boredom and dissatisfaction with their lives will result in more crime and disruption for their communities.

The lack of intelligence in government decisions and their encouragement of so called 'think-tanks' who do anything but think, will succeed in destroying the initiative and enthusiasm of a generation of young British citizens.


A quite brilliant idea ... perhaps

Not my idea, but if we supply teachers were to respond (collectively - and therein lies the true problem) to offers of work with "No, unless you pay us our correct rate", I wonder what would happen? A few more calls to other members of the collective, each stating the same request, and schools are left with no choice. LAs perhaps try to intervene, but how? Schools are responsible for their own supply budgets for the first 20 days of any supply period anyway. I was part of a group, on a much smaller scale, who collectively refused offers of work (it was an LA service). Within one day, the head of services was attending a meeting with some of us and, surprise, surprise, we got what we wanted ... A fair deal, nothing more, nothing less. I'm very tempted to try to contact all supply in my LA but how to go about it ... I'd give LAs less than one week with no supply and they would crumble!

Disgruntled and aggrieved

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