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Russell to tackle supply shortage (11 November)

- Mr Russell is the latest in a very long line of ineffectual, self- regarding education ministers. He has been on a pound;25,000 tax-payer funded junket to India.


- "Both (Mike Russell) and members of the AHDS attributed the shortage of supply teachers to the pay cut for supply cover for five days or less." So why not just restore professional pay from day one? There . fixed!


- Totally agree with you, Socrates82! I am on a long-term supply cover, which is due to end soon. I do not know what I will do after it ends. If paid on an ad hoc supply basis, when tax and pension contributions are taken off, it leaves very little . then I have to pay the childminder for two hours per day for three children. I am also concerned about how professional I will "appear", as being paid for five hours a day, at the lowest rate, will mean I have to work solely between 9am-3pm, so that I do not have to pay for my childcare. I have never left work so early or arrived so late, even for odd days. Perhaps it would be best not to do ad hoc days, for fear of losing my good reputation.


Branching out (11 November)

- "I've got to go now," David excuses himself. "I've a game of zombies with my pals at this time." I love this quote! I hope they get funding to keep updating their work so that the next group of children through the school feel a part of it too.


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