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Readers respond to articles on the Tess Website

Readers respond to articles on the Tess Website

Fife chief calls for a school leaders' forum (25 November)

I have been teaching 23 years. and all problems cited have existed in education. Why should we trust the same monoclonal "leaders" to break the mould now? Until schools are liberated to follow the expertise of their community, nothing will change. The mission-creep stealth take-over of CfE by HMIELTS is stifling any creativity that may have resulted from CfE, as they demand every learning experience has the four capacities, curricular principles and CfE skills . leaving no time for deep learning. I have just written a course for science - it took four weeks to write and eight weeks to "tag" it to the satisfaction of my "leaders" so that it was HMIE- friendly. The difference to the child? Zero!


Collaboration is the key when it comes to CPD (25 November)

Simple ideas are often the best!


Times tables and place value add up (25 November)

And this came as a surprise?


Heads' leader pushes for retirement age deal (25 November)

Sounds like the NAHT might be looking along the lines of the new Isle of Man pension scheme - the Government Unified Scheme (GUS): www.isleofman.comnewsbusinessarticle.aspx?article =41143

Stann Creek

To boldly Glow into the future (18 November)

I was a Glow enthusiast but simple things like the lack of ease of use of Glow mail means I am rapidly joining the main camp of doubters. My new school has been going for five months now and we still don't use Glow mail, due to a lack of ease of use in relation to a contacts book.


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