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Readers respond to current issues on the Tess website

Readers respond to current issues on the Tess website

While people in the Middle East rise up for freedom, teachers in Scotland are intimidated by jumped-up local councillors. The very destructive government we had here from 1992 to 1999 (sic) knew it would meet resistance from teachers committed to their profession, so it passed a ministerial order banning teachers from public debate on education.

Christopher Curtis

First, order teachers to dream up a curriculum, then to figure out how to assess it. Tell them only that, "You're the professionals, talk amongst yourselves and figure it out." Give them the barest minimum of time, and no money. Then have the inspectors go in and tell teachers that whatever they're doing, it's wrong. What an asinine way to run an education system, Scotland.


Chartered teachers are doing valuable work in school. I drew up an action plan for CT as part of my MSc: I monitor parents' evening attendance and report back to the SMT. I have been studying Polish for three years and provided resources in Polish for my school and sent them to teachers across the city, and devised reading schemes for bilingual pupils in Standard grade English. I prepared information on different stages of schooling and had this translated into Urdu, Punjabi, Polish and four other languages and issue this to parents in their home language. I'm also involved in mentoring and helping trainee teachers with assignments.


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