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Readers respond to articles on the TESS Website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS Website

Supply numbers dwindle after 'sell out' deal (6 January)

Surely the most obvious answer is to remove the entitlement to non-contact periods for these short-term cover periods rather than cutting the pay of supply staff. These non-contact periods are to allow for preparation and marking, which should not be expected of staff who are only in school for a day or two, in my opinion. My suggestion would allow councils to make the cost savings that they are seeking, as fewer supply staff would be required to cover short-term absence across each school, while it also ensures appropriate renumeration for supply staff is maintained.

Catherine 108

Why target one small group of workers with such a massive cut in pay in the first place? Supply teachers in Scotland are paying the price for years of mismanagement. From the crass comments of those who should know better to the "I'm alright Jack" of many in the profession, I am truly shocked to the core. A 47 per cent pay cut? No, nothing I ever experienced in my years south of the border came anywhere close to this debacle! You couldn't make it up.


"So far there is no central information on whether the projected savings are on track. Cosla says it has no plans to collate figures and no idea how savings are going." This is mismanagement on an epic scale and verging on criminal.


Cochrane1964 is spot on. It is utterly shameful to mess around so much with teachers' lives and kids' education... and yet not even evaluate savings.


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