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TESS readers respond to news about Curriculum for Excellence

TESS readers respond to news about Curriculum for Excellence

N45 delayed

How can one authority (East Renfrewshire) decide to delay the introduction of the new exams for a year? I read that only individual departments with special circumstances could do so.


N4 and N5 advicehelp?

I have managed to confuse myself. Now that N4 and N5 are nearing, can you explain what will happen for S3? If they pick, say, chemistry in S3, do they do N4 in S3 and S4, and then National 5 in S5? Or do they only begin N4 in S4? So what do they do in S3?


RME and Curriculum for Excellence

I am worried about what will happen to RME with the introduction of CfE. If a school can only offer five subjects in S4-S6 will that mean National 4 and 5 RMPS is at risk? In most schools S3-S4 Certificate RS is one of the smaller subjects if it exists at all. I can't see many pupils picking our subject when the number of choices are being cut.


N45H chemistry and curricular structure

There seems to be a lot of the old Higher in N5. We have been really concerned at the lack of time till August and we still have not seen the structure of the timetable. We are starting to panic at the lack of information and leadership at national level.


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